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Flood Forecasting & Warning Centre

Welcome to TRCA’s Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre. The FFW program consists of daily operations by on-call Flood Duty Officers and also the maintenance of flood control infrastructure (including flood control dams and an extensive gauge network). Please click on the links to see highlights of the many initiatives being undertaken by the TRCA Flood Forecasting and Warning program.

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Flood Warning Line: (416) 661-6514

Flood Status: $theCurrentState

$theCurrentState in effect until Aug 11, 2015

A Flood Outlook - Watershed Conditions Statement has been issued and is in effect through to Tuesday August 11, 2015.



 Date:             Monday August 10, 2015

Time:              1:45PM

Issued to:     school boards, municipalities, local conservation authorities, local police, emergency services and media 

Weather Conditions:

Toronto and Region Conservation is advising that Environment Canada is forecasting  weather systems moving through the Greater Toronto Area this afternoon and evening. Each of these two systems is expected to bring 10-15 mm of rainfall through the Greater Toronto area, with thunderstorms in localized areas bringing up to 30-50mm of rainfall in a short time.


Forecasted rainfall amounts will result in higher than normal water levels and flows. Rivers and streams will be faster flowing, creating unsafe and/or dangerous conditions. There may be flooding on roadways and in low-lying areas.


The combination of slippery and unstable banks will create hazardous conditions close to any river, stream or other water bodies.


Please stay away from rivers and streams and exercise caution around all bodies of water. Please alert any children under your care of these dangers and supervise their activities.

This Flood Outlook Watershed Conditions Statement will be in effect through to Tuesday August 11, 2015. TRCA will continue to monitor streams and weather conditions closely. Further flood related messages will be issued as required.  For more information please contact the on-call Flood Duty Officer.

Flood Duty Officer                                        Chief Flood Duty Officer

Dana Khademi                                                Ryan Ness

416-661-6600 ext. 5697

 Note: A Flood Outlook Watershed Conditions Statement is an early notice of the potential for flooding based on weather forecasts calling for heavy rain, snow melt, high wind or other conditions that could lead to high runoff, cause ice jams, lakeshore flooding or erosion.                                                                                



PDF version: WCS - FOutlook Aug 10 DK RN