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TRCA, in partnership with Conservation Ontario, has released a new series of Watershed Report Cards that provide a check up on the current state of Toronto and Region?s watersheds. The report cards track and report on the surface and groundwater quality, forest conditions and stormwater management in the watersheds within the Toronto region.

Download the report cards here:

Watershed Report Cards - Jurisdictional Watershed Report Cards - Don River Watershed Report Cards - Duffins Creek Watershed Report Cards - Etibicoke Watershed Report Cards - Humber
pdf TRCA Jurisdiction (3.2mb) pdf Don River Watershed (2.3mb) pdf Duffins Creek Watershed (2.2mb) pdf Etobicoke Creek Watershed (2.2mb) pdf Humber River Watershed (2.3mb)
Watershed Report Cards - Highland Creek Watershed Report Cards - Mimico Watershed Report Cards - Rouge Watershed Report Cards - Waterfront
pdf Highland Creek Watershed (2.3mb) pdf Mimico Creek Watershed (2.2mb) pdf Rouge River Watershed (2.2mb) pdf Waterfront (1.5mb)


Watershed Cross Section

What is a watershed?

A watershed is the area of land that catches rain and snow and drains or seeps into a marsh, stream, river, lake or groundwater. Watersheds are the collectors, filters, conveyers and storage compartments of our fresh water supply.

Why report on watershed health?

Watershed monitoring enables Conservation Authorities, municipalities, and other partners to target priorities and measure environmental change. The reports also:

  • Help inform local watershed plans and programs.
  • Identify issues and project future conditions.
  • Focus natural resource management actions where they are needed most.
  • Track progress over time.

Monitoring conditions helps to inform local watershed plans and programs


Be part of the solution!

  • Share it with your neighbours. in your community and watershed.
  • Use it as a point of discussion with decision makers
  • Help kids understand their local environment and raise stewards of the environment
  • Live an environmentally conscious lifestyle
  • Look for volunteer opportunities and ways to contribute to your community
  • Donate to The Living City Foundation 

How are we reporting? 

TRCA works within the natural boundaries of nine watersheds: Etobicoke Creek, Mimico Creek, Humber River, Don River, Highland Creek, Rouge River, Petticoat Creek, Duffins Creek and Carruthers Creek as well as Waterfront. The report cards have been populated using data collected from our monitoring sites as well as information from outside sources and partnerships.

In the past, TRCA has produced watershed report cards for some of its watersheds such as the Etobicoke Mimico Creeks, Humber River and Don River. However, for the very first time TRCA is releasing report cards for all of its watersheds using a common set of indicators, methodology and grading criteria, developed by Conservation Ontario and Conservation Authorities throughout Ontario to report on watershed health. In some cases, watershed report cards are using a different set of indicators and methodologies to calculate grades. In the future, TRCA will continue to report on the health of its watersheds using the standardized indicators and methodologies employed during this phase of watershed reporting.


What are we reporting on and why?:

The indicators that have been selected represent those that provide valuable insight into the health and condition of the watershed, represent both an aquatic and terrestrial perspective, and are meaningful to the residents of Ontario.

  • Surface Water Quality
  • Forest Conditions
  • Groundwater Quality
  • Stormwater Management

Visit to see the collection of report cards.

Questions and comments? Contact Sonia Dhir, Project Manager, Humber Watershed at