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Indian Line Campground is the closest campground to Toronto

Corporate Social Responsibility

TRCA's Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSRP) enables TRCA to manage its operational sustainability. The CSRP tracks organizational progress in three areas: economic, social and environmental. In addition to progressing toward more sustainable operations, a major objective of the CSRP is to provide our stakeholders with a transparent view of TRCA's social and environmental performance.

Although we are in the Living City business, we recognize that our daily operations can negatively impact the environment and society. The operation of vehicles and equipment, energy consumption, the products we buy, how we manage our lands, what we do with our waste, and how well we satisfy our stakeholders, all of these speak to our operational sustainability.

Carbon Footprint

In 2011, TRCA continued upgrading the waste management system in public use areas in order to achieve more effective recycling and increase our diversion rates from landfill. Our conservation Areas continued their progress toward Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary designation, a much coveted third-party international program recognizing sustainably operating parks and public spaces. TRCA continued engaging staff through its CarbonCats program, offering sustainability tips, information on our corporate progress, and sustainability themed competitions for reducing travel and saving energy, at home, and at work.

* See 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report for details.

Other CSR highlights from 2011 were:

Since its inception in 2003, the CSRP has assisted in, monitored, and reported on many TRCA successes, including:

  • Continued energy and waste savings reduced our corporate carbon footprint by 121 tonnes, or 4%, from 2010;
  • First year of operation of the EcoCentres environmental certification program;
  • Continued the EcoOffices certifications at four TRCA workplaces;
  • Upgraded the CSR program’s utility data management tracking system; 
  • Conducted lighting and energy audits at 4 TRCA facilities
  • Installed lighting and HVAC efficiency upgrades at conservation area buildings and Claremont Field Centre
  • Completed study of 5 TRCA vehicles to determine feasibility of replacing them with electric cars

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